Priority needs

Priority Needs List

Perley Health's Resident Priority Needs List for 2023

Supporting exceptional care for Seniors and Veterans at Perley Health.


  • OZERDINC GRIMES FAMILY THERAPEUTIC RECREATION AND CREATIVE ARTS PROGRAM supporting innovative programs for everyone at Perley Health ($160,000).

  • Allaham YOUTH VOLUNTEER PROGRAMsupporting youth volunteers during the school break ($5,000).

  • SPECIALIZED TRAINING AND STAFF BURSARIES – investing in specialized training and learning ensures staff can deliver exceptional care that best meets the changing needs of our Senior and Veteran populations ($25,000).

  • Wound Care Training Program  support for specialized training to enhance the capacity and expertise of staff to provide treatment and comfort to residents experiencing pressure wounds ($8,000).

  • Foot Care Program Set-up – support establishing an on-site foot care program and reducing the need for caregivers, families and residents to travel elsewhere for foot and ankle care ($20,000).



  • Purchase 14 high-definition TVs ($450 each) so that residents can watch their favorite movies, shows and sporting events on crystal clear screns.

  • Purchase 16 Fall Mats ($350 each) to increase safety and reduce harm for residents at greatest risk of falling out of bed.

  • Acquire a state-of-the-art Nocospray Disinfection Machine ($7,000) to limit the spread of infections and keep residents safe.

  • Provide PSWs with 80 Tablets and Cases ($575 each), allowing them to update charts faster while spending more individual time with residents.

  • Purchase four powered shower chairs ($12,500 each) so residents using wheelchairs have a comfortable and safe bathing experience.

  • Ensure residents' comfort during meals by purchasing 11 suction machines ($1,900 each), allowing them to breathe easier and reduce the risk of choking.

  • Purchase 390 Overbed Tables ($175 each) to improve the qality of life for residents using Broda chairs, taking part in specialized programs and at meal times.

  • Replace four portable bladder scanners ($7,500 each) to perform a quick, easy and non-invasive scan of the bladder to evaluate the need for catheterization accurately.

  • Purchase 11 specialized mattresses and cushions to provide a comfortable rest to residents by helping prevent and heal pressure injuries. Various mattresses and cushions for a total of $21,425.

  • Purchase 13 commercial grade steam tables ($4,500 each) to keep food warm and enhance the dinning experience for seniors.

  • Puchase four Sleeper Chairs ($4,000 each) to provide families with comfort and reduce anxiety while staying with a loved one at end of life.

  • Purchase six vital sign machines ($3,500 each) to easily monitor and read blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and oxygen saturation.

  • Procure one Broda chair ($5,500) to provide residents with tilt-in-space positioning chairs for added comfort while taking part in programs and activities.



  • Increase outdoor space for resident socializing and events by adding a new, shadded structure outside the pub. ($25,000).



  • Support for funds for unexpected needs that may arise during the year.